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Service Department

Our premises on Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road opposite Chichiri stadium stand on 4 acres and consolidate all our franchises in Blantyre under one roof. The premise are equipped with the most recent Renault technological specification for a service and repair workshop.

We have custom built premises in Lilongwe and Mzuzu, where all our Principals are represented.

We continue to focus our efforts on “Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement” through intensive and on going internal and external training programs.

We have a dedicated team for Renault that has undergone service and repair training offered by Renault as a standard the world over.

We carry out our own in house Customer response follow up process whereby our aftersales staff contact each Customer by either e-mail or telephone, who has recently taken delivery of a new vehicle or product from us, to ascertain the level of service received. All the responses are summarized on a monthly basis and sent to top management for review and corrective follow up action where necessary by our service team.

We continue to engage our Renault manufactures on all issues arising from time to time to ensure we meet optimum servicing standards and are able to quickly diagnose and remedy all technical problems that arise from time to time.


We have a mobile field service/roadside assistance Sprinter van purchased from Mercedes-Benz South Africa, the purpose of which is to support customers who have broken down or suffered minor accidents. This vehicle is a fully equipped mobile service van with adequate tools and equipment to deal with most minor roadside contingencies for Passenger vehicles and also to assist Heavy Goods’ Vehicle users with breakdown problems. It is used to attend to callouts on a 24-hour basis, and on Public Holidays is sent on patrol in the popular tourist areas.


We are totally committed to the on going training and development of all our Staff and have the full support from Renault who regularly send personnel to Malawi for Staff and Customer training. Some of our Personnel also have the opportunity of travelling to Dubai, France, Germany, Japan, Kenya, Republic of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia to undergo training conducted by our Principals. A modern training facility is incorporated in our premises in Blantyre.


An initiative between Daimler Germany, GTZ Germany and Stansfield Motors saw the start in 2007 of an automotive mechatronics’ two year training program out of our training centre in Blantyre. The centre is currently equipped with all the latest equipment to facilitate this. [Read more…]


All new products we sell are under warranty as outlined by the sales brochure.

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