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Mechatronics Academy


An initiative between Daimler Germany, GTZ Germany and Stansfield Motors saw the start in 2007 of an automotive mechatronics’ two-year training program out of our training centre in Blantyre. The centre is currently equipped with all the latest equipment to facilitate this.

Stansfield Automotive Academy (SAA) is being born out of The Blantyre Automotive Mechatronics Training Centre which is a strategic business unit of Stansfield Motors Limited.

The Training Centre is registered with TEVETA to provide technical education to individuals and companies in Malawi and within SADC region. The mission of the Stansfield Automotive Academy is the development and delivery of an optimum policy of training and education in the motor industry.

Apart from Automotive Training it is the objective of the Training Centre to transfer knowledge and skills and to develop a professional attitude in the trainees.

Our Vision

To be a leading automotive technology and
apprenticeship training and testing facility in the SADC Region
To be a link between job seekers and the industry, offering
support to bridge the skills requirements needed in a modern workplace
To work with government through TEVETA in achieving the national skills development objectives
Offer development opportunities to industry, from shop floor skills, to technical training, to support in lean
professional skills.

 Our Mission

Is to provide high quality training to national and possibly
regional dealerships and own operators on all levels from
mechanics, drivers to managers in order to enable further
development of motor industry as a whole.

Automotive Mechatronics

Blantyre Mechatronics Training Centre, is a training provider of automotive mechatronics registered with TEVETA. This is the first of its kind in Malawi and has graduated nine groups currently working for a number of organisations in the Transport Sector either on full employment or self-employment.

Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics

Automotive engineering is a life-cycle activity that involves the multidisciplinary integration of physical systems (which may include elements of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic) with electronic digital control. It is widely recognised that a significant percentage of recent advancements and innovations within the automotive sector can be attributed to the specialised domain of mechatronics. The increasing trend for greater levels of vehicle electrification has encompassed every domain of the modern vehicle and this broad application forms the foundation. This program instils the mindset and skill sets needed to become a successful professional automotive technician.


  1. Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics (An 18 month 5 days a week full time calendar)
    This program instils the mindset and skill sets needed to become a successful professional automotive technician. The perfect balance of theoretical and practical training allows you to enter the workforce with the essential skills to succeed in today’s automotive industry.Entrance Requirements
    Applicants must have a full MSCE, GSCE and Motor Vehicle Mechanics/Auto-Electrics qualification; i.e. City & Guilds Diploma, Malawi Advanced Craft, National Trade Test Grade One, TEVET Level three certificate or their equivalents.
  2. Certificate in Automotive Mechatronics (modular based short course training – flexible day release)
    Entrance Requirements
    Applicants must have a full MSCE, GSCE or basic knowledge in Motor Vehicle Mechanics/Auto-Electrics.Certificate in Maintenance System
    The participants will acquire knowledge in design and characteristics of vehicles and their devices, organisation and technology of vehicle maintenance, implementation of security measures at work and quality assurance and control of the vehicle maintenance system in compliance with the standards.Certificate in Electrics and Electronics
    The course will help participants to troubleshoot potential integration problems and be able to work with electronic components such as batteries, wiring, alternators, starters, lighting and entertainment accessories.Certificate in Drive Train Systems
    This course will help participants to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to perform, repairs on import and domestic cars and light trucks. This course will equip participants with diagnosis and repair automatic transmission and transaxle with limited supervision.
  3. City & Guilds (Supplementary courses)
    Technician Certificate in Motor Vehicle Systems, 6 months.
    Technician Diploma in Motor Vehicle Systems, 12months.


Occupational skills

The Training Centre’s curriculum consists of the following dedicated training and skills development interventions/programmes. Some of the training programmes are multi-semester while others are presented as short courses. To cater effectively to after-sales service requirements of these technologically advanced vehicles, good qualified and well-versed technical manpower will be required by all brands at dealerships as well as in the automobile industry all over the country.

Automotive Mechatronics Technicians carry out maintenance and repair work both independently and as part of a team, taking into account environmental protection, work safety, health protection and quality assurance, and in a customer-oriented manner.

They procure and evaluate information, plan and document their work. They analyze electrical, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, ascertain and eliminate errors and malfunctions.

They utilize computer-aided information and communication’s systems for the preparation of test reports


All recruitment of trainees/students are undertaken by the training centre.

All recruited trainees are required to fill an agreement form.

All students are enrolled with complete details of the training calendar agreed upon during recruitment.

In addition to the above the apprentice must pass the entrance test administered by the training centre.


The delivery of the course is based on the screened results of the modules whereby all modules are delivered at the training centre and thereafter the trainees are attached to industry for course familiarization and hands on experience.

The modules in these areas of study are intended to provide the essential requirements of the trainee to become competent. The skills acquired by the trainees are aimed at adding transformation and prepare the trainee for advancement within the transport sector. Each trainee is required to score above 50% (exams and course work) for one to be recommended for the award of the Automotive Mechatronics Diploma.

Because of its nature, the program has:

  1. Structured assessment criteria
  2. Flexibility in training/learning programs
  3. Flexibility on learning and timed assessment


All trainees will attend both classes and workshops in accordance with the training calendar agreed upon at recruitment.

Normal reporting times for classes are: – 08:00 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 16:00


Assessment is made known to all students at the start of the training semester. It comprises:

  1. Continuous Assessment
  2. Intermediate Examinations
  3. Final Examinations

All examinations and material are monitored and moderated by TEVETA.

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Our Mechatricians

Get hands on experiences
Use Mercedes-Benz Certified Training program
Have access to state of the art equipment
Have full access to manufacturer publications
Get sponsorship from reputable dealers


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